DataBug makes your whole team great at data quality.

Find and banish operational data problems, giving you great team performance, happier customers, lower costs and data analytics you can depend on.

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For effective and productive teams

"When something's wrong, I want my team to know quickly and do the right thing first time."

DataBug makes your team great at managing problems revealed by your data, and stops small problems becoming big dramas that cause damage to your reputation.

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From query to case in minutes

Clear context and next steps.

If you can write a query to identify a problem, you can turn it into something that'll be monitored by DataBug forever.

Anything it finds is turned into assignable cases for techies or non-techies to resolve, bringing business or technical context, clear resolution steps and due dates.

Uses the skills you've already mastered

You already know how to use DataBug.

There's no need to learn a new tool-specific way to query data or express conditions. Use the native query language for your data platform.

Cases are created using Markdown, the most-admired documentation language for developers according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023.

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of back-end and full-stack developers find SQL familiar.¹

More than field-level checks

Data quality for everyone

Excel at data quality right across your business, guarding against operational business exceptions as well as technical data issues.

Business exception reporting
Master data consistency
Compliance assurance
Migration quality assurance

It's only fixed when it's fixed.

A case is only closed when the problem is no longer spotted in your data.

Cloud or On-Premise

DataBug works where you work.

We can connect to your data from the Internet, or you can run our Docker-based agent on your network to access local data. Find everything from basic problems within the walls of a single data store to inconsistencies spanning multiple different enterprise systems.

Your data can only be decrypted and read by you.

Data values can be stored using industry-standard AES-256 encryption and can only be decrypted within the browser by the users you allow.